About last night…

This sucks because I’ve know this person for over 10 years and I’ve been well aware of the “true person” he is when no one is looking. However, there have been very few times when he has let me down in such a way. The worst part being that I knew he was lying AND it’s caught on camera. A camera that he damn well know was recording him, to which he decided he was going to unplug the camera and lights to mask his devious acts. He casually walked over to the corner of the room where the clear-as-day white fist sized cam was monitoring everything and preceded to reach behind my tv and attempt to unplug it. Based off the way I found the plug, I’d say he was attempting to make it look like an accident, like maybe it got pulled halfway out while he was looking for something…. **rolls eyes** … it didn’t work. The cam never broke footage and continued to capture him quietly closing the bedroom door and climbing on top of my vanity stool to reach my “stash”. He helps himself to something I was literally offering him not even 10 minutes before. Why? did he think that since I had just offered that he had the green light. Then why unplug the cam? Why sabotage the lights? BTW the damn camera has night vision! Duh! This wasn’t the way I planned to jump start my blog thing but I have so many questions. Had he just reached up and grabbed the box and went on about his business I honestly would not have thought twice about it. The manor of how he tried to cover what he was doing is the problem. Am I wrong for feeling some type of way?

P.S. I didn’t want to include the original video that I was going to tag to this post because I changed my mind on incriminating the friend discussed. Im not completely heartless. …


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