An actual beginning.

An actual beginning.


I’m thinking about starting a section for my portfolio… Need to turn one in for class and been procrastinating pretty bad on the whole course. I have a few papers I can add to it but I can’t seem to muster up the gumph to upload anything. Where does this self doubt come from? Got all the confidence in the world as I click submit 5-10 mins before the deadline. No proof read, no feedback, no second guessing if my terrible spelling is going to knock off too many points. Just clicky click please god don’t be a dick!

Yet here we are, going through my files is like watching Little Shop of Horrors then going to the dentist. ( If your not familiar with cult films, see media. Thank me later!) I’ve got the worst case senecio running through my head, now to subjugate myself to public ridicule. Let strangers pick apart my work? Why am I being so negative? I consider myself a decent writer with the minimal formal experience I’ve acquired through random desk jobs and that 2004 english comp course. This blog is supposed to be my ease into the waters, so fuck it I am cleaning out my note pads. I guarantee nothing except a flood of unpolished, outdated, and probably a bit too personal, some might even say “Desultory Thoughts”. Yes, I just did that thing. You may take your shot of flavored vodka now. As for me, I’m going to get started on finding some interesting shit to share with ya’ll and hope it doesnt get too out of control.


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