1 Year & Round 2

It has been a while since I started this site and not surprisingly after a couple of months I abandoned the project to focus on more important things that where going on. Desultory thoughts never left my mind though. I did upload a couple things here and there and then pulled down most of it. I was back and forth a lot overthinking my audience. ….should I publish the poem about someone I was seeing… should I share personal details about myself that family might read, should I expose truths relevant to my world verses the opposing subjects. Too many questions and too many doubts…. Then I realized… holy shit I’ve been here before. A whole year has gone by and absolutely nothing has changed. I started this project because I wanted to express my wholeness in which ever way I chose. Instead I find myself still stuck in the Schrodinger box. BUT I aint no pussy! Soooo… here’s to spending the last year enjoying life, adventures with my boogie boo and a yule tide of sub-captions.


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