Nasty Butt

A parents worst nightmare to clean, its after 4 am and I hear shouting from the other room. My sis is trying to get my attention from the bathroom door without doing much else to stop what is going on. I drag myself out of bed and down the hall to see that she is already sitting back at the dinning table. What the hell could possibly be so bad that she’s screaming for me to wake up but not bad enough for her to put down the doughnut? Ash, my lovely son just shy of 3 years is standing at the bathroom sink washing his hands, but that isn’t the problem. No, No, No, the problem is the glob of shit that must have rolled out of his pull-up while he was using the potty. It landed on the stepping stool which Ash then stepped into while getting off the potty. He proceeded to track footprints across the bathroom floor onto the sink step stool where he was frozen in fear. Uuuuggghhh……. Once again! Yes! Again! Ash had managed to smear poop all over himself and the room he was in. Thank the heavens above he was in the bathroom this time and not on the bed set that I literally 4 hours prior had replaced. Is there anyone out there that has had a messy potty training? How do you get shit streaks out of pink velvet???? To spare you I won’t upload any pics of previous damages, HA!


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